Convention-breaking, Innovative and All-in-One.
Information as a Service Platform.

Why Us

Frustrated with outdated and disjointed legacy solutions, we have designed and built an all-in-one, comprehensive and easy to use digital platform, operating as a Network of its members and its services.

Our platform allows its members to not only find and connect with qualified and Network curated partners, but to track and report key data throughout the life-cycle of their various projects:

Whatever our members may need to eliminate the pain and waste associated with using disjointed multi-service legacy systems, has been included in our platform. And, if we haven’t thought of it yet, we’ll strive to add and implement member requests for additional services and features as fast as commercially possible.

Our Network approach further cultivates and supports successful relationships between Zefik’s Hiring Organization and Contractors and Suppliers members, providing the same level of support and care to the smallest organizations as to the largest ones.

We work one-on-one with our Hiring Organization members to determine their business needs and then to customize our services to meet those needs. The customization process often improves our member’s internal SOPs through the application of Zefik’s experience and independent view.

We work one-on-one with our Contractors and Suppliers Members to gather and verify their information and by working together, overcome the potential gaps — often helping to improve their revenues.

The simplicity of our user interface, the straightforward and no-nonsense approach of our support team and the fairness of our pricing model saves the time and other valuable resources of all our members.

Our History

Zefik was made possible because of the bold vision of Dan Razen, company founder and supported by 40-years of professional experience and the insight of Chris Collins. Prior to founding Zefik, Dan worked as a Procurement Analyst for one of the largest cement plants in the United States, and Chris worked as a US Regional Procurement Manager for the world’s largest construction materials manufacturer.

Mission Statement

To reduce risk and mitigate loss by providing decision makers with timely, accurate, and consistent information in one easy-to-access centralized location cross-referencing across the entire network.