An innovative leader
in safety, compliance
and procurement
management industries.

Why Us

Zefik is experienced in safety, compliance, training, and procurement management. We provide hassle-free, unified, simplified, and customizable solutions, from eRFQ management at the project’s start, to ongoing training and continuing compliance verification as the project is implemented. Zefik tracks and reports key data throughout the life of each project, facilitating successful relationships between Hiring Companies and Contractors/Suppliers.

Zefik works with Hiring Companies to clearly establish safety, compliance, and procurement standards that are required of third-party providers. We verify the ingoing qualifications for Contractors/Suppliers, and offer a number of services to expand the depth and breadth of qualified providers. We also provide the management tools to ensure compliance throughout the awarded project’s implementation.

Zefik works with Contractors and Suppliers to gather and verify all compliance documentation, and supports them by identifying gaps, and offering action plans and online training to meet the Hiring Company’s project requirements.

Finally, we offer user-friendly services to track and support project requirements in real time. Count on Zefik throughout the awarded project’s implementation from automating data collection and reporting to quickly responding when corrective action is needed. Zefik’s goal is to ultimately create the highest customer satisfaction possible.

Our History

Zefik represents the bold insight and vision of Dan Razen, company founder and President. Prior to founding Zefik, Dan worked as a Procurement Analyst for one of the largest cement plants in the United States, where he learned firsthand the need for a better compliance verification and management solution.


To reduce risk and mitigate loss by providing decision makers with timely, accurate, and consistent information in one easy-to-access centralized location cross-referencing across the entire network.


Castle Rock Management provides financing, business, and risk management advice. With over 35 years of investment analysis experience, Castle Rock considers Zefik to have best-in-class products and services. Expectations are that Zefik is to be a long-term partner in its portfolio of companies.