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Online Training

Zefik Online Training LMS (Learning Management System or “ZOT”) enables any Organization to design, control, and amend (when the need arises) their own, proprietary content into online and mobile friendly training classes. There’s no longer a need for expensive top down LMS systems and/or time-consuming implementations and/or corporatewide lengthy training sessions. Zefik Online Training LMS is a simple, all-in-one yet powerful solution that produces, hosts and supports any of your organic and/or 3rd party personnel training needs, wrapping them in our state-of-the-art Training App interface.

Zefik Online Training LMS further empowers its users to achieve their corporate goals by providing out of the box monitoring, supervising, and notification capabilities. Our Online Training service is a better option than the more expensive and cumbersome enterprise level solutions, which many organizations have been struggling to properly implement and manage for years.

With the Zefik Online Training LMS anyone with access to and basic skills in Microsoft Power Point can instantly become a powerful Online Training master designer. The skies the limit of how far you can take your need to offer a custom built, simple to use, mobile friendly training content:

  • you want voice-over - certainly;
  • you want interactive videos - no problem;
  • you want custom animations, an intuitive interface and an interactive evaluation - we’ve got you covered;
  • even the Multiple-Signer work-flow rules to reduce if not eliminate cheating the system are included.

Even more so, the integration between Zefik Compliance Verification, Zefik Network and Online Training services, verifies/ensures the identities of the trainees, ensures that only properly trained personnel access each given site/sub-site and engage in the permitted work. ZOT will also notify all involved parties of timely actions that need to be taken to complete and or renew any relevant training in a timely manner.

Be assured that there isn’t a need for any of your staff members to become Zefik Online Training LMS master users. Beyond compiling your content into a PPT file (or the like) you need to do nothing else, as it will be your Zefik support staff member who will compile the relevant files and other data provided by your team, convert it to web-worthy digital content and upload it to Zefik’s online LMS.

It’s worth mentioning that all Zefik Online Training LMS, provides a wide range of historic data searching and retrieval, through built-in historical reporting and auditing features. Importantly, you don’t need to worry about storage space, nor the security of your servers or their configuration to host 3rd parties LMS applications and data—we’ve got you covered. All ZOT apps, data and history stored on Zefik Servers are hosted at Microsoft Azure in US data centers.

All our services are scalable, user-friendly, customizable and are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire Platform. Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all are deployed and utilized simultaneously.

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