Business-Centric Network of
Curated and Verified, People and Organizations.


The Network is where it all starts! The Network is the core service that brings it all together and serves as the centerpiece of our platform based digital community of members. This is where you can find, research and connect with other Organizations and their representatives, be it a Hiring Organization or a fellow Contractor and Supplier. Anywhere on the map, you can search for a curated, qualified Organization(s) which provides the Trade you need. Special attention and a search option is dedicated to qualified MWDBE Organization(s), which have provided supporting certifications.

The Network is the place to showcase your organization’s credentials, to become visible and searchable by the rest of our community members, commencing with your Organization’s complete Legal Name and Primary Place of Business to its Stock Exchange (Ticker) Symbol (if/when applicable). This is also the place where you and your Organization can demonstrate your commitment to the Health and Environmental Safety of your Organization and its employees, as well as other Organizations’ HES wellbeing, by publishing and making your Organization’s Safety Stats and Records available.

In short, our Network service was designed to allow our members to discover each other and to connect with the ones they want to work with, all without the expenditure of time to manage “social media” and the attendant headaches. Our Business-Centric Network wall, only has space for fact-based information and data.

While certain basic information will be visible to all Network members, beyond the basics, it is up to you to determine how much information to provide and to whom.

All our services are scalable, user-friendly, customizable and are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire Platform. Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all are deployed and utilized simultaneously.

Not actual data used for demo only.