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Compliance Verification

The Compliance Verification service is a powerful fusion of Zefik’s cutting edge, detail-oriented technology, supported by the staff of our hands-on, customer success-oriented Support Team, which:

  • allows Hiring Organizations to design customized site/product line-specific safety and procurement Compliance Standard(s) with which Contractors and Suppliers and their employees must comply;
  • assists Contractors and Suppliers and their employees to comply with the above-mentioned Hiring Organizations’ Compliance Standard(s) of their choice;

The above results in a foul-play proof, easy to read and easy to understand Hiring Organizations’ Compliance Standard and specific Compliance Reports (a.k.a. “Compliance Certificates”). All of which are continually updated and re-calculated to ensure continued compliance.

To further cater to our members’ diverse needs, all Compliance Certificates are accessible via:

  • an API (enabling real time integration with other digital systems (i.e. Access Control, Invoice Payment, etc.);
  • Zefik WebApp (enabling Human “eye” verification by Network members);
  • a PDF format (enabling Human “eye” verification by third parties);

With our Compliance Verification service, there is no longer the need to settle for one size-fits all 3rd party compliance standards. At Zefik we build and support Compliance Standard(s) for each individual Risk Category/Factor of each Site and even sub-site. Any Document and/or piece of information and/or workflow can be incorporated into a Compliance Standard, from complex COIs to Loss Runs on the Organizational level, and from Labor Union Memberships and Site-Specific Training and/or E-Verify and Drug Test screening on an employee level. All in one app.

All our services are scalable, user-friendly, customizable and are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire Platform. Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all are deployed and utilized simultaneously.

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