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Access control

The Zefik Access Control service (“ZAC”) enables any Organization to design and deploy a set of digital Access Control kiosks. These kiosks will require all incoming/outgoing personnel to sign-in/out by identifying themselves against the Zefik hosted database or to create a new identity at the time of entry, to the given Organizations site(s).

Significantly, Zefik Access Control kiosks, integrated with Zefik Network, Zefik Compliance and Zefik Online Training services, will:

  • re-verify incoming individual’s identity, reducing the risk and 3rd party’s desire to game the system;
  • verify compliance of incoming personnel with a Compliance Standard adequate for the purpose of their visit, in real-time, including status(es) of any required training and/or labor union membership, for example;
  • verify compliance of the incoming personnel’s Organization with a Compliance Standard adequate for the purpose of their visit in real-time;

Additionally, if/when ZAC Kiosks are configured with printers, all incoming personnel will be issued Zefik proprietary color-coded individual dally passes. These will allow site personnel to visually differentiate between the Compliant and Non-Compliant individuals present on site, per their visit purposes;

Furthermore, if/when ZAC Kiosks are configured with bar code scanners, all incoming personnel with Zefik Z-ID QR cards will be able to sign-in/out with extra ease (under 10 seconds per user). This in its turn eliminates the need to manage a third-party access control system and the associated hardware and access cards.

In any case, the ZAC Kiosk will always send an SMS message to relevant Site’s representative (Host), notifying them of the arrival/departure of each person using the kiosks, including their and their employer's compliance status, per their stated visit purpose. The system will also take and store their image upon every sign-in/out event.

It’s certainly worth mentioning that all ZAC kiosks come with a wide range of out of the box features, including but not limited to:

  • real-time on-site personnel view dashboard;
  • “Red Alert” evacuation notification SOPs and WFRs;
  • historic data searching and retrieval through built-in historical reporting and auditing features;
  • automatic monthly report generating features, alleviating the burden of reporting contractor hours to MSHA and OSHA;
  • automatic monthly report generating features, allows relevant, authorized staff to validate employees and/or contractors reported on-site work hours with real-time check-in/out times, effectively replacing the need for legacy and/or third party digital “punch card” type systems.

All our services are scalable, user-friendly, customizable and are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire Platform. Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all are deployed and utilized simultaneously.

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