The cost of Zefik's Network Memership is identical for all out members. However, additional fees may apply to Hiring Organizations, which require special customization and/or hosting services. Standard Network Membership fees are listed below. For details regarding Hiring Organization's customization and hosting fees please contact your Zefik representative.


  • Annual Membership fees*:
- Organization Account$400.00**
- User Account free

  • Set-up/re-activation fees***:
- Organization Account$200.00**
- User Account free

* Zefik will send a “Network Membership Renewal” email to all admin users on Zefik’s Member Organization’s Active accounts thirty (30) days, fifteen (15) days and again one (1) day prior to Member’s membership anniversary date, notifying them of the pending charges. Unless a Cancellation Notice is received at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Member’s anniversary date, Zefik will charge its Network Membership Renewal fees to the Member’s current payment method in Zefik’s files.

** All pricing excludes applicable taxes, which will be calculated at the end of new Member’s registration process and for returning Member’s account re-activation.

*** In an effort to further assist our Members during the uncertainties and difficulties imposed on businesses by COVID 19, Zefik will waive the Set-up fees for all New Members for the duration of 2020.