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Our Services

Zefik provides the platform for success - a network where Hiring Companies and Contractors and Suppliers come together to create a safe and mutually beneficial working environment. We created this platform by not only streamlining data collection and processing, but also by having direct access to personalized account managers.

Zefik members benefit from the following core services:

Compliance Verification

  • Allows Hiring Companies to design customized site/product line-specific safety and procurement compliance standards with which Contractors/Suppliers and their employees must comply
  • Assists Contractors/Suppliers and their employees to comply with compliance standard(s) of their choice, including labor union memberships
  • Automatically verifies Contractors/Suppliers and their employees’ compliance with standard(s) to which they subscribed
  • Allows real-time access to the profiles and compliance statuses of Contractors/Suppliers and their employees from anywhere through an optimized app via mobile device: Each profile and report has live links to real documentation, which enables authorized users and/or MSHA and OSHA inspectors to conduct on-site, subject-specific certification audits and verification in real time.
  • Automatically notifies all relevant parties (Hiring Companies and Contractors/Suppliers) of Contractors/Suppliers and/or their employees with compliance status changes
  • Re-verifies documentation in real time
  • Provides timely, accurate, and consistent compliance status reports
  • Supports online recordkeeping of “red-flagged” events across all hiring company facilities
  • Facilitates historical data retrieval and auditing

Online Training (ZOT)

  • Allows Hiring Companies to design, control, and amend training content and quality of required site-specific safety training courses in a timely fashion
  • Provides a wide range of data searching and retrieval through built-in historical reporting and auditing features.
  • Automatically provides expiration notification regarding all relevant parties
  • 24/7 access to all Zefik classes online and on all major mobile devices

Access Control (ZAC)

  • Provides real-time information regarding Contractor/Supplier employees’ on-site presence and of their compliance with the site’s safety and procurement standards, including labor union membership
  • Digitally logs in/out employees’ entries and exits to/from a given work site, and includes individual, digital imagery
  • Automatically notifies the Hiring Company’s site representative when a noncompliant Contractor/Supplier and/or its employee and/or random Visitors enters a given site
  • Prints daily passes for each employee and/or visitor entering a site: Each daily pass is unique to the employee or visitor and the day/time of issuing, reducing ability to “game” the system.
  • Builds in emergency communication capabilities, including 13- and 17-hour “Non-Sign-Out” notifications, emergency head count, and a “Red Alert” evacuation notification, as well as many other safety-driven features designed to save lives in emergency situations
  • Builds in historical data retrieval and automatic monthly report generating features, alleviating the burden of reporting contractor hours to MSHA and OSHA
  • Streamlines the check-in/out process through digital QR codes that identify employees
  • Eliminates the need to manage a third-party access control system and associated hardware and access cards
  • Allows relevant, authorized staff to validate employees’ reported on-site work hours with real-time check-in/out time and attendance logs


  • Broadens Hiring Companies’ procurement options and negotiating abilities by increasing the number of quotes and fostering pricing competition for projects
  • Increases Contractor/Supplier exposure to new eRFQs
  • Reduces contractor favoritism and/or discrimination claims by creating RFQ process transparency, allowing all selected Contractors/Suppliers to know of potential contract jobs simultaneously and sharing any necessary updates
  • Creates an auditable history of RFQ processes (initiation, negotiations, and awarding), as well as associated communication history between the involved parties

Safety Observation Report Card (SORC)

  • Allows Hiring Companies to design site/product line-specific Safety Observation Report Cards to be filled out by Hiring Companies’ authorized personnel in the field, based on their observation of Contractor/Supplier and their employees’ safety performance
  • Automatically generates an array of periodic and on-demand safety reports
  • Notifies Hiring Companies of safety violations, and allows Contractors/Suppliers to take necessary steps to improve safety performance in a timely manner

Third-Party Compliance Assistance

  • Assists Zefik members in meeting the requirements of third-party compliance verification companies such as ISNetworld, Browz, PICS, and PECS, and submit all required documentation on their behalf
  • When necessary, assists members in designing safety manuals, and/or design and host online safety training to meet qualification requirements
  • Manages the timely submission of annual safety reports to governmental regulatory agencies such as OSHA and MSHA

HR Management

  • Allows Hiring Companies to verify and manage the compliance of their own employees and other internal staff with any compliance standards
  • Allows network members to use Zefik QR-based ID cards and a ZAC check-in/out kiosk as a time and attendance system (punch clock), reducing multisystem redundancy
  • Creates on-demand emergency and routine human resources attendance reports (for details see ZAC Features)

All our services are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire platform.
Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all are deployed and utilized simultaneously. All services are scalable, user-friendly, and customizable.