Hiring Organizations

HIRING ORGANIZATIONS are various entities that hire, contract, and/or otherwise outsource some part(s) of their business operation(s) to Contractors and Suppliers.


Contracting out certain specialized or seasonal projects has been in practice for years. In today’s difficult economy, it has also become an effective payroll reduction tool. However, such extensive contracting out has increased safety risks and losses for both Hiring Organizations and Contractors and Suppliers. As a result, various health and safety programs have been developed to reduce safety risks through screening, training, and supervising hired Contractors and Suppliers. Concurrently, safety losses can be mitigated by transferring insurance liabilities to the appropriate insurance providers.

The effectiveness of these programs depends on the consistency of their implementation and — more importantly — on compliance enforcement and verification. These processes have proven to be extremely complex and time-consuming, and when they aren’t managed correctly, they may reduce the effectiveness of health and safety programs significantly. There are two main reasons for this:

  • High rate of change of Contractors and Suppliers and their employees, in need of enforcement;
  • High rate of change in health and safety program parameters, in need of verification;

At Zefik, we solve these issues by integrating human interaction with a streamlined and computerized process for obtaining, analyzing, and maintaining relevant safety data.

Zefik’s team experience and our purpose-built cutting-edge technology ensure that the Contractors and Suppliers you are hiring have been fully vetted and meet your Organization’s specific Standards and Requirements.

Partnering with Zefik reduces your Organization’s burdens and costs associated with managing in-house solutions, or the inconvenience of working through the complex and often incomplete systems of our competitors.

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Features and services available to our Hiring Organization members include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding an expanding group of preapproved and curated Contractors and Suppliers;
  • Validating Contractors and Suppliers beyond safety performance;
  • Verifying Contractors and Suppliers compliance with Hiring Organizations specific safety standards;
  • Validating labor unions’ membership compliance;
  • Regaining control over access points to Hiring Organizations properties/sites;
  • Custom building and hosting a site-specific, online compliance course and all other required training;
  • Easily collecting and reporting required government and regulatory safety performance data;
  • Reducing overall costs of the contracting-out process;
  • Easily managing and reporting organic staff individual compliance, their time and attendance;