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Contractors and Suppliers

CONTRACTORS and SUPPLIERS are business entities (or in some cases individuals who operate as a legal business entity), including but not limited to: Contractors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Motor Carriers, and/or Vendors, whom Hiring Companies hire, contract, or to whom they otherwise outsource some part(s) of their business.

Employees are individuals (employee, agent, and/or any other representative of a Contractor/Supplier) who may from time to time be present at any of Zefik Network’s Hiring Companies’ sites on behalf of the Contractor/Supplier, and who may become affected by the prevailing safety conditions at such site.


Zefik does it all for you—sending you timely notifications prior to and upon the expiration of relevant documents, as well as updating you when your client, the Hiring Company, posts a new job or changes its site requirements.

Contractors and Suppliers are contacted daily by safety compliance verification companies and even third parties offering to help Contractors and Suppliers comply with the compliance verification companies. Additionally, there is a wide array of “one-off” safety auditing, procurement, supply chain management networks, “ecosystem” companies, human resources management firms, and access control and employee ID card management firms. Some of these companies may be doing a fine job in their respective niches. However, it’s up to you, the Contractor/Supplier, to submit and resubmit your data to multiple systems and databases, incurring the increasing cost in both time and money.

Zefik consolidates all these processes into one easy-to-use network of services. With Zefik, Contractors and Suppliers no longer need to remember when certain employees’ site-specific training has expired, to what system a new certificate was submitted, or what COI limits and endorsements must be met at each of the different work sites, for example.

Zefik Network is the only source for Contractors and Suppliers to manage all their compliance needs and gain access to new eRFQs. Zefik’s wide array of services in one centralized location combined with very competitive pricing equals an unbeatable offer. Our timely, accurate, and consistent services are designed to reduce Contractors’ and Suppliers’ administrative costs and tasks while increasing your total exposure to.

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Features and services available to our Contractor and Supplier members include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding and expanding your list of new and potential Hiring Companies
  • Increasing chances of being contracted by Network Hiring Companies by demonstrating compliance with a given site standard and/or our Network generic compliance standard in advance, demonstrating your safety consciousness
  • Complying with labor unions’ membership requirements
  • Demonstrating past safety performance to targeted Hiring Companies
  • Receiving access to the direct contact info of the Network Hiring Companies’ management
  • Certifying compliance with Hiring Companies’ specific safety standards
  • Easily managing your employees’ compliance with your client’s employee training requirements
  • Submitting quotes and competing for contracts in an open environment
  • Managing employee training and other documentation in one convenient place
  • Submitting any and all necessary documentation and managing Contractor/Supplier status/records in other third-party safety compliance and verifications systems (i.e., ISNETWORLD, BROWZ, PICS, and PECS).

All of our services are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire platform, and are accessible 24/7 on all major mobile devices and browsers.

To see the full list of Zefik Network Services and a detailed description of each, please click on Services.

Please remember that Zefik membership is only one step toward becoming compliant with your client’s safety standards, and does not guarantee future contracts. Your membership fee covers Zefik’s data collection and processing costs, as well as Zefik support team assistance. However, it’s up to you, the Contractor/Supplier, to use Zefik, its resources, and representatives to meet all safety standards imposed by various Hiring Companies.