Jonathan Snyder

CTO / Product Architect

As CTO & Product Architect, Jonathan ensures that Zefik’s internal and external systems are designed, developed, and implemented to meet the business needs of Zefik and our customers in an efficient and secure manner.

Prior to joining Zefik, Jonathan was a Senior Director at Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Partner that focuses on the implementation of Salesforce products. Jonathan held various roles at Silverline which included overseeing projects as both a technical resource and project manager, running the Silverline Academy, a training program for new consultants, and managing the Client Services offering which offers long-term support to new and existing customers.
Before joining Silverline, Jonathan was CTO for Dreambuilder Investments (DBI), a private investment company that specializes in the acquisition, management and liquidation of defaulted residential mortgages. Jonathan managed all technology projects for DBI and was an early adopter of cloud technologies. Jonathan helped develop a platform on Salesforce to analyze and manage large portfolios of mortgages. Jonathan also assisted with the due diligence process.
Jonathan has also worked at various financial and hospitality firms including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Hyatt Hotels, and Princess Hotels & Resorts. Jonathan is a strong people and project manager, experienced technologist, and creative thinker. Jonathan’s background in hospitality helped him develop a strong customer focus. He is married with three children and a dog and lives in Brooklyn. In his spare time, Jonathan is an avid photographer.
Bachelor of Arts – Business, Stockton University, Pomona, NJ