Compliance. Safety. Training. Procurement.
Unified. Simplified. Customizable.

Zefik Changes Everything

Zefik is the first and only Unified, Simplified and Customizable business-to-business management platform. At Zefik, we’ve consolidated Compliance, Safety, Training, and Procurement management processes into one complete, easy-to-use customizable network of services, available almost anywhere and on any digital device.*

Only with Zefik can decision makers find easy access to Timely, Accurate, and Consistent information, which is continuously gathered, analyzed, and safely stored across the entire platform. Zefik users benefit from instant access to consolidated data, analytics, and management and reporting tools in one centralized location.

The elasticity of Zefik’s customization options allows our users to capture even the smallest nuances of their current workflows and business practices. Zefik can be adapted to customers’ specific and unique needs and circumstances, and can be configured to coherently work with any other current processes.

Our services extend from Compliance Verification to HR Management:

All of our services are synchronized in real time, allowing data cross-referencing throughout the entire platform. They are also fully scalable while remaining user-friendly and customizable. Each service can be deployed and used as a standalone module. However, the biggest ROI is achieved when all services are deployed and utilized simultaneously.

* All services require access to internet and latest digital devices; some restrictions may apply. Please contact us directly for specific details, network terms of use, privacy policy, rules, regulations, and other limitations.